The Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) is the ICT professional association of Cyprus. It is a not-for-profit private association which represents the ICT professionals in Cyprus. Established in 1984 and government by a 7-member Board elected every two years, the CCS has more than 1000 members and has been active in the areas of professional training, ICT skills certification, research and development, European projects and collaborations. Since 1999, the CCS is the National Licensee of the ECDL programme in Cyprus. The CCS is also a full and active member of CEPIS (Council of European Professional Informatics Societies), IFIP (International  federation Information Processing, and All Digital.

CCS has been playing an active and productive role in the implementation of the National Grand Coalition for Digital Skills and cooperates for this purpose with government and private organizations. As part of its fruitful involvement in the Coalition, the CCS has been awarded a project by the Ministry of Education and Culture, following an open consultation process initiated by the Digital Champion of Cyprus. The project involves the introduction of the ECDL programme (from 2020 renamed to ICDL) in the first three grades of gymnasium through which students will have the opportunity to be trained and certified for free based on the ICDL standard curriculum.

The Cyprus Computer Society has been involved in various projects targeting students and teachers related to digital skills, coding, robotics, etc. but has also worked on entrepreneurial skills on an Erasmus+ project focusing on women. In addition, the list below presents the main yearly activities organised by the Society.

  • Robotex Cyprus: Competition with more than 1000 participants in 2019 competition organized based on the standards of ROBOTEX International. (
  • BEBRAS Challenge - Cyprus: An international initiative aiming to promote informatics and computational thinking among school students of all ages. (
  • Cyprus Cyber Security Challenge: Competition for the selection of the National Team competing at the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) (
  • Cyprus Olympiad in Informatics: Competition organised for the selection of the National Team which competes at the International (IOI), Balkan (BOI) and European Olympiad in Informatics (EJOI) (
  • Coding Our Future ( A voluntary initiative promoting computer and coding skills for students, teachers and parents. This activity is organized with HERON Mathisis with more than 12000 participants so far during formal school hours.


NOVATEX SOLUTIONS is an SME, established in 1999 in Cyprus by a team of enthusiastic engineers and today is operating in the fields of:

  • ICT services: by providing Web Hosting / VPS / Dedicated/Cloud. These services enable the company to utilise these services for various projects for real time data processing, storage by using mainly open-source software.
  • IOT Smart Devices and systems: Development of Low power devices intended for smart applications including smart cities and smart agriculture - We have already developed out own prototypes, and these are on the way to be used in pilot studies (with mapping using GIS technologies) in Cyprus and collaboration with local authorities
  • Robotics: by providing hardware and advice to students Academia and research. Novatex has also been supporting and co-organising various training events and robotics competitions as well as STEM education along with related products through a dedicated website ( 
  • Projects and activities related to Education. Novatex has been involved and supported many projects related to education, robotics etc such as,,, European robotics week. In addition, Novatex is supporting start-up events in Cyprus (sponsoring) and offering to act as mentors – (start-up Cyprus, Open Coffee, Open Data hackathon, Smart Cities and other initiatives)
  • Applied Research and Innovation: Novatex has been involved since 2006 with applied research in the fields in ICT, Data acquisition, wireless data transmission, data analysis, mapping of data, and visualisation, automated image processing, robotics and renewable energy.

Currently Novatex Solutions is employing 3 people full time and more than 5 on a part time basis and has a vast network of outside partners with whom they are collaborating with Novatex on many projects in various fields including STEM education which is directly connected to this project. Novatex can assist in the creation of the educational material, the selection of electronic/robotics kits and the development of the digital platform that is going to host the educational activities and material. Novatex is also a founding member of CARIE – Cyprus Association of Research and Innovation Entreprises and it is also certified as an “Innovative Small and Medium Enterprise” by the Deputy ministry of Research Innovation and Digital Policy in Cyprus.


HERON Digital Education & Mathisis LTD, is a non-profit research organization. It was established as an unofficial group of teachers in 2006, aiming to promote technological literacy and cultivate digital skills all over Greece and Cyprus. group, as founders of HERON, have pioneered the introduction of 1-1 computing in Cyprus and Greece through the support and deployment of the One Laptop Per Child initiative, as well as Learning Management System integration in Primary Education. HERON specializes on the development of digital educational content under a Creative Commons Licence for the Greek Open-Source Community, organizes teacher and parent trainings and events, such as the acclaimed First Lego League (Athens, Greece) and First Lego League Jr (Nicosia, Cyprus) robotics competitions, annual week of code activities, webinars for teachers etc. Priority for the workshops is the inclusion of children from underprivileged areas. HERON has also initiated partnerships with the Turkish Cypriot community of Cyprus, to promote the bridge of the digital divide between the two parts of the island, using technology. Over the years, HERON has participated in international conferences on ICT, presenting the work of its members. In 2016, the team collaborated with other partners (Ideodromion/Science Café Nicosia, Cyprus Computer Society, Frederick University) to launch a coding/robotics series of workshops (‘Coding our future’), in which students could visit during school days, and participate in 3-hour activities introducing them to programming and robotics, with an average 5000 students per year. Since 2017, HERON has been organizing bi-communal robotics and ICT-related activities at the Ledra Palace Buffer Zone (Home for Cooperation, Fullbright, CyprusInno). In 2018, it has been registered as a non-profit organization in Cyprus and has been promoting the collaboration between both communities of the island through a series of webinars and events, including the First Lego League Explore Science Fair (June 2021) and the EU CodeWeek (October 2021), bringing together more than 100 teachers and more than 200 students to present their work. During the first stage of the Covid-19 lockdowns, developed and offered free, open- access webinars on e-learning tools and methodologies and supported teachers in Cyprus and Greece. Currently, HERON is promoting the inclusion and equal representation of girls in robotics and engineering projects, as well the role of women in computer science. It is also involved in Erasmus+ KA2 projects about STEAM in education and about the development of tools and material on gender-based violence, as a partner.

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