Start Date
29/02/2024 12:25
End Date
29/02/2024 13:05
01:00 Hour
Basic digital skills

Bee-Bot is a programmable autonomous robot that introducesyounger kids, from the age of 4 years old to fundamental codingideas. Students can acquire directional language, directives,sequencing, and problem-solving techniques while simply having fun.

Interaction with the robot focuses at:

  • Decomposition: the process through which students divide a taskinto pieces and subsequently into steps.
  • Algorithms: sets of instructions created by students for Bee-Botsto figure out the path, that helps them reach an essential stage inalgorithm design (and evaluation)
  • Predicting: when a student imagines what will happen after thealgorithm is loaded into the Bee-Bot, as a component of logicand logical reasoning.
  • Collaborating: working with others to achieve the greatestpossible result, aiding students' success.
  • Perseverance: students apply a trial-and-error strategy toconstruct algorithms and programs, particularly for more difficultintegers.
  • Debugging: the process of finding and correcting programfaults, as a crucial skill since bugs occur in programs all the time.
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