Code4Rural - Final Event - 21 January 2024

The culmination of the Code4Rural project was marked on Sunday, January 21st, at the Home for Cooperation in Nicosia, celebrating the triumphs of digital empowerment in our communities. Code4Rural, designed to enhance digital skills in rural areas of both the Greek Cypriot (G/C) and Turkish Cypriot (T/C) communities, placed a strong emphasis on promoting innovative and improved learning methods.

Dr. P. Masouras, the CCS Secretary, opened the event with a warm welcome, and Mr. T. Toumazi presented the project and its outcomes. Mr. A. Bedorin, a Senior Communications Officer from All Digital, introduced the network and its activities, highlighting the "Our Digital Village" project. Subsequently, six educators and trainers shared their experiences, offering valuable feedback on the implemented activities. A roundtable discussion among participants enriched the event, which concluded with an award ceremony for participating schools and trainers, followed by a display of the training sessions.

In 2023, the project reached over 1100 students, with plans for more outreach until March 2024, when the funded activities of the project will conclude.

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